Saturday, April 10, 2010

Suckling Pig and Crispy Blue Prawn Heads

So I am Still Working on my Suckling Pig dish it is slowley coming. Marc-Jean Was helping me get there the other night and also our Crazy Butcher Sully Came in to Eat so I had To throw some things together he has Yet To see.

Blue Prawns with Benton's Ham, Local Aspargus Pickled Garlic Mingonette, Red Bud Flowers and the Wonderful Crispy Prawn Heads

So We Recieved this 35 lb suckling Pig From Sylvia in PA and naturally you have to use the whole thing. So I decided to Make Porchetta using the Loin, and the Belly, then Individual "Pot Roast" Using the Shoulders then every other part of the Pig was then Skined and all meat and Organs Ground. Braised the Skins ( using stock from the bones Naturally) and Sulley Deboned all Four leggs and We had to Make Cottechino and Stuff them right back into the Trotters and Braise them in the Hoof. So Far we have Finished the Dish With simple Spring Potatoes, Our Gardens First Spring Onions, Arugula Puree From Last Years Arugula and the Flowers of the Arugula Plants. Still Coming Together but I really do like the Direction it is Going.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring is Finallllyy Here

Spring is here and sorry I haven't been keeping up on the blog butttt....

This is a Spring " Gazpacho" made up of a bunch of fresh Vegetable juice, Sauteed spring onions, Ramps and Fennel. We then mix it with an Arugula and fresh Herb coulis to make it nice and spring green and to add the nice pepper flavor that you have to have in a well seasoned Gazpacho. We put the soup under a silver cloche using magic naturally and fill the bowl with every vegetable I can play with. It really is a fun dish and welcomes Spring and guest are usually surprised to see soup fall out of the cloche. I must apologize for the bad picture it came off my phone.