Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trying To Wait For Spring

Chestnut Ravioli, Parsnip, Rye Air, Caraway Scented Red Cabbage and Celery ( Sorry for the bad Pic I was in the Weeds)

Pinenut "Pate de Fruit" Playing around for a new Pine Dessert

One Thing we do not have a short of is unbelievable wines and when the whole bottle doesnt get finished ( did not know you were even allowed to do that I thought it was a law to finish) but I get the benefit of being able to make some amazing vinegar I call it million dollar vinegar I cover it with a chifonade of hundred dollar bills.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

James Beard House Dinner

First Off Sorry For the Absence. Second I was lucky enough to Travel To New York with The Blackberry Crew and cook at the Famous James Beard House. We had to ship all kinds of things that seem funny to ship (eggs and grits from the Farm) but everything arrived saftly and we had an amazing dinner. I will Post Some Pictures that the James Beard house Has sent me but you can check out more on the James beard house Webpage.